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I have been looking to buy a boat for a long time and finally found one in New Jersey. I didn’t want to buy out of state because I couldn’t see the boat in person and round trip plane tickets were expensive. There were many things against buying out of state but I decided to call and inquire anyways.

The boat was represented by a broker named Jason C. out of Cast Off Yacht Sales. My first call lead to a conversation with Jason, who was very informative and to the point. After searching the web about the company, I felt comfortable and submitted an agreement to purchase the boat.

It was one of best decisions I’ve made. Jason was extremely professional and made the whole process very easy. He recommended I shouldn’t buy a boat without hiring an accredited person to perform a survey and lead me to the website of accredited surveyors. Furthermore, he made me feel even more confident with my purchase through a Face-time tour of the boat. I ended up not having to fly back east, as I had initially intended, because of how comfortable he made me feel about the condition of the boat. This certainly saved me a lot of time and money.

The next obstacle was purchasing a trailer. After unsuccessfully attempting to purchase a suitable trailer, Jason came through again and found me a trailer at a great price. He even went as far as purchasing a spare tire for the trip to California.

I am extremely pleased with Cast Off Yacht Sales. Jason made the whole process of purchasing a boat out of state completely feasible. He was professional and very attentive to my needs. He answered text and phone calls in a timely manner and was very informative. I now have my dream Parker boat and owe it all to Jason at Cast Off Yacht Sales. Thank you for everything!

Anthony P.
Riverside, CA

After purchasing my first boat from Jason 10 years ago . I have purchased and sold 3 boats with him. He managed to get me the best deal on both ends of the deal. I like to think of him as my money man. His expertise definitely comes through on each deal and I would highly recommend him to any one looking to sell or buy a boat.

Dustin H.
New Egypt, NJ

Jason and his partner were very attentive to our needs and found us the boat we were looking for. They made the process very simple and got us on the water before 4th of july. it was very strait forward and no nonsense business. they got the deal done in a timely manner and sent us on our way. They also sold my previous boat in 3 weeks which was even better!

Peter D.
Brick, NJ